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HOW EFFECTIVE IS THE DISPUTES SETTLEMENT PROCEDURE UNDER WTO - Dissertation Example Criticism levied at the dispute settlement procedures under the WTO suggests that a need exists for trying to ensure speedy decisions, enhanced transparency, improvements in prospects for implementation and minimisation of costs associated with dispute settlement etc. Developing nations continue to lament about the previously mentioned inadequacies, but WTO Members have not met with much success in the form of a consensus to decide about how best to improve on dispute settlement under the WTO. Critics suggest that it is not possible to fix something that functions reasonably well and gradually all WTO Members have leaned towards presenting a greater trust in dispute settlement under the WTO. This dissertation presents a study to decide about the effectiveness of dispute settlement procedures under the WTO. Declaration I certify that, except where cited in the text, this work is the result of research carried out by the author of this study. ___________________________________________ __ Name and Signature of Author May 2011 This write - up is for a dissertation on Dispute Settlement Procedure for the World Trade Organisation. ... r WTO 24 2.3 Shortcomings of the Rules Based Approach in the Case of Dispute between United States of America and Antigua and Barbuda 27 2.4 WTO Panels and Panel Dynamics in the WTO Panel Review Stage 28 2.5 The WTO Appellate Body 36 2.6 DSB Review 37 2.7 Criticism and Concerns presented by Developing Nations 37 2.8 Retaliation as an Implementation Measure for WTO Rulings 47 2.9 Efforts directed towards improving the DSU and the WTO Dispute Settlement Procedures 49 2.10 Prospects for the Future 50 Chapter 3 Methodology 52 Chapter 4 Findings that Emerge from Research and Case Studies 58 4.1 The Sardines Case 66 4.2 The EC-Hormones Case 70 Chapter 5 Conclusions, Recommendations and Suggestions for Further Work 77 5.1 Limitations 65 5.2 Further Work 79 Bibliography/ References 81 List of Figures Figure 1: The WTO Dispute Settlement Process 8 (This page intentionally left blank) Chapter 1 – Introduction The Dispute Settlement Mechanism (DSM) of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), officially known as the Dispute Settlement Understanding (DSU), is the procedure for settling trade disputes between member states that join the WTO. 1 The DSM, hailed as a victory of law over politics at the time of its introduction on January 1, 1995, has nevertheless received its share of criticism and critics cite a need for enhancing third party rights, the introduction of an interim review stage, with less developed nations calling for less expensive dispute settlement that offers them fair protection. 2 The more controversial set of proposals presented for enhancing the DSU include proposals to enhance the judicial nature of the WTO dispute settlement by creating a permanent Panel body and proposals for enhancing member control over dispute settlement procedures. 3 In addition, proposals

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Response Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Response Paper - Essay Example At the beginning of his essay, McCloskey dismantles the three established and scholarly proofs of God’s existence. Although some people may wonder why McCloskey disproves these arguments first and would even accuse him of practicality for having done so instead of attacking God’s existence itself, one should remember that the basis of Christian faith rests upon these three arguments of God’s existence, which have been established by the greatest of Christian scholars in early history. McCloskey begins with the cosmological proof of God’s existence and disproves its validity. According to McCloskey, â€Å"The mere existence of the world constitutes no reason for believing in the existence of [an all-powerful first cause or uncaused cause]† (McCloskey 63). This is logical. It would be perfectly all right to think that the existence of a computer necessitates the existence of a maker, because one knows that that is true. Nevertheless, the existence of the world is different from the existence of the computer, for the computer is man-made. Any man-made object is made by man, but since the world is not man-made, then it is definitely not made by man, OR perhaps nothing or no one really made it. The belief of theists is that anything that exists must have been made or created at some point. Nevertheless, no one can simply state this claim a priori; otherwise, it will be an assumption. Thus, McCloskey refutes the cosmological proof of the existence of God simply because he was speaking from what he knows and from the limits of his knowledge, which are simply and practically the same as the limits of any sane person’s knowledge. McCloskey is innocent in making his atheistic claims for it is true that he cannot see or perceive that the existence of the world necessitates the existence of a maker. Besides, anyone who can see such an existence must only be claiming to be able to do so perhaps on the basis of personal faith, an ima gined vision, or a physical proof to which he subjectively assigns meaning. In short, a theist believes that God exists because he has won the lottery that he was praying for, his sick child got better, the pastor said so, or just because he could â€Å"feel† it. Nevertheless, the point is that, in any case, no theist has seen the â€Å"connection† between God and the world. Moreover, since there is no way that a maker is seen as necessary, it also follows that it does not matter whether this maker is all-powerful or not. Aside from the cosmological argument, McCloskey refutes the argument from design and the teleological argument, because, according to him, in order to prove that this argument is true, â€Å"†¦genuine indisputable examples of design or purpose are needed† (64). This is also logical. What is â€Å"design† anyway? Perhaps, the theists have sought to define design as the series of events or an elaborate interconnection of things and ev ents that somehow either makes some sense to them or emotionally appeals to them. Perhaps, what the theists see that makes them believe in a design is a pattern or a cycle, like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly, or the harmonious revolution of the planets around the sun. This is so dramatic and it feels so good to bask at these wonders of nature. Nevertheless, although it is possible that a pattern is

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Health Care Economics Essay Example for Free

Health Care Economics Essay The economics of United States health care has been through many changes over its history. There are multiple factors to what caused the changes to the health care system over time with changes such as technological advances in medicine and surgical devices, new medical discoveries, and financial laws pertaining to health care. Just as with other businesses, the health care industry’s economy would depend upon supply and demand of their services. Throughout the time that health care has been undergoing these changes, it remains that the economical situation in health care has been the main focal point to how well that health organizations in the United States will perform. In the early 1900s doctors were just beginning to cease being expected to offer care for free, medical care costs were finally becoming emphasized, and insurances were just getting involved into the health care industry (PBS, 2012). The idea of a national health care policy is first introduced by President Truman in 1945, he would be denied by the American Medical Association campaign against the idea. Eventually in 1960 the American Medical Association would develop a national policy as well that would be signed into law by President Johnson and would become the foundations for Medicare and Medicaid (Rebelo 2007). As of the past two decades, the cost of health care have rapidly been on the rise (PBS, 2012). As new medical discoveries occurred in health care and technology advanced, physicians became more capable of treating patients for their illnesses. Financing in medical organizations is important so that they may afford to do more research and obtain better technology, at the moment the health care industry is 17% of the United State’s Gross Domestic Product only expecting to rise even more as time continues. Majority of the funding for the health care industry is received through the government through Medicare and Medicaid programs. The rest of the funding is being provided by private investors. To understand how well that health care industries are doing, researchers evaluate the elasticity or inelasticity of the organization’s products. If it shown to be elastic, the organization is doing well selling the product or service which as the supply to it decreases, the price will rise. Inelasticity is likely showing that it is not performing as well, organizations are either uncertain about raising prices as the supply drops or the population is not willing to pay more for the service. They will also look at the microeconomics and macroeconomics to see how they are affecting the industry’s economic situation. Microeconomic will focus on how smaller or more particular aspects in the economy are affecting price-cost relationships. Macroeconomics will look at the economic situation as the entire country as a whole to examine what effects that may be causing. The health care industry’s economy continues to be a strong focus in the United States economy as even more focus is being poured into evaluating the health care policy situation within the United States and funding relating to it. The government programs that have been created with the health care industry are still in operation and being reformed to make adjustments that are as suitable as possible to the nation in terms of quality and affordability, attempting to offer the best care and technology possible while making it available to as many as possible without costing the country so much. Economists in the United States are examining the microeconomic and macroeconomic markets to help determine the performance of the industries and what course of action will be taken, though the spending on health care in the past few years has become a large issue for the United States. Through history with the start of health care economics to the current time, funding has been a large focusing issue in the United States taking a large portion of the nations gross domestic product, far surpassing that of other nations and will continue to be a main focusing issue for economists and political debates.

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The Variety of Characters in Shakespeares Othello :: GCSE English Literature Coursework

The Variety of Characters in Othello  Ã‚   William Shakespeare has many ways of illustrating his characters through way of dialogue and language patterns. This is his trademark and it is his ultimate strategy for drawing his reader closer, until they are completely immersed in his play. In Othello we see that a character like Iago has been given a very rough and coldhearted aura about him, which in time shows us as readers how cruel he really is. On the contrary Othello himself is rather noble in his speech, but overall just as clever. These characters are clever in their own separate ways: Othello in living a double life of both war and love (which seems to keep him tied to the battlefield, a danger zone) and Iago is clever in his ways of manipulating an entire lot of people to get what he wants. Any excerpt from the play Othello shows how clever Shakespeare is in his own ways, writing traits that cannot be ignored.    A good example of witty Shakespearean playwriting is in the opening Act of Othello- Act I, Scene i., pg. 78-92. The use of language in this Scene is so classic- for example the way Iago and Roderigo play off of each other in speech. Their goal in the middle of the night is to wake Brabantio (Desdemona's father) and tell him of the extravagant affair between Othello and her daughter. In the streets of Venice these men holler their way up to his chambers, arising him to the balcony. Shakespeare's choice of speech is so affective, and so perfect.    Roderigo: Signor (a question of his authority), is all your Family within? Iago: Are your Doors locked? (Instigating panic) [Roderigo/Iago:I.i.87-89]    Shakespeare's choice of words here is beautiful in its shrewdness, and in so many ways affective. Iago in particular seems to push the situation, and operate the conversation as he always does. He goes on to tell Brabantio his state of confusion and in many ways hypnotize the poor man.    Your heart is burst, you have lost half your soul†¦an old black Ram is tupping your white Ewe. [Iago:I.i.89-91]    Shakespeare gives Iago's character such filth, such a stench in the air about him that you can smell it while reading. Here is a character in Othello that is hard to understand, and there have been many views taken on his role.

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Navy seals

After striving to indicate a person who has had a significant influence on me I have come to a conclusion, that rather than a individual person I have a particular group. This particular group is unlike any other in the I the world. This group consists of elite men who put their homeland before themselves, they are capable of putting the needs of others before their own. These men were willing to do everything and anything to become part of the elite group known around the world as the Navvy Seals.Navvy seals are groups of elite soldiers, known around the world for their abilities in he air on the land and in the sea. These soldiers lead the world in their special oops. They are unlike another soldiers in the world, willing to risk their lives for anyone in need around the world. Ready to assist and cry for help. I see the Navvy Seals the way most people my age see pro sports players. Like pro sports players the SEALS are the best of the best. Their training and tactical work is so v igorous that their number one philosophy is â€Å"the easy day was yesterday†. Which is one of many in the Navvy.To be given the opportunity to serve my country a a Navvy Seal would mean the world to me. I would spend every breathing moment being the best I can be for my country family and myself. All my life I have wanted to be affiliated in the military. Four to five years ago I had very low self confidence in myself and others and not very great aspirations. My plan was to enroll in the marines after high school and attain my college education from the military. My primary aspiration for my life was to exceed the achievements of my mother, who didn't graduate high school.I wanted to be able to say if I could do it why couldn't you? My mind and heart were consumed by the dreadful thought of my rothers and how they would never have the opportunities that I have been blessed with. It wasn't until I had opened up to my uncle Derek who is a marine that I had a change of heart a bout virtually everything past and present. My uncle was in absolute disagreement with my plan. He explained the importance of college to my and the pride that comes with the privilege of becoming a marine that will extinguish my desire to exceed the accomplishments of my moms.Together we looked through the different military academies and I found Annapolis the most interesting because their classes in economics. I have a strange liking towards economics, like the stock market and the economy. Those thing Just really seem to interest me to I hope to major in economics and international trade while attending Annapolis. My interest in international trade comes from my desire to travel, which is another one of the many reasons I aspire to be a Navvy Seal. Ever since I was little I've wanted to see the world, and what it has to offer.There is absolutely no better way at accomplishing that dream other than attending Annapolis become a Navvy Seal, and sounds to go to be true, but I know i n my heart that in order to accomplish that goal I ave to be mentally and physically tough enough to get there. Speaking about becoming physically and mentally tough I have already begun those first small steps. It started off with small attitude adjustments such as my love for athletics, instead of dreading the next workout I changed the dreading into excitement that put me in the mindset to get better rather than Just get through the workout.Eventually I got to a point where my moms actions didn't influence my mind as much. In fact I changed my entire perspective on my mom, although, she isn't perfect she chose her path and being angry about that isn't helping me or her in nyway. So instead of being angry I chose put all the extra time I spent being angry and wishing things could be different to actually make a difference in my life not Just for me but for her my brothers and anyone else that thinks they can't do it.I feel like a much better person, free from the invisible chains that ranted excuse after excuse of why I couldn't or didn't get the Job done. I find happiness and hope to be the greatest things in life and I know whole heartedly that the SEALS brought those thing to me. Nothing makes me happier than getting a good grade on an ssignment and knowing I've gotten Just a tad bit closer to my dream. I can sometimes get lost in my thoughts of the the future, to the point where I feel as if I'm reading a good book with precise imagery.Imagining myself 10 years from now along side the best special pops team in the world, seeing the world and serving my country. Another exciting thing about the SEALS is their brotherhood. The fact that they would risk their lives for one another is breath taking. They would rather all sacrifice their lives saving one of their own than leaving them behind. Their goal number one oal in operations it to complete the given task unnoticed, quietly, quickly, and most importantly together.Like family these men will do anything f or each other and will go to the ends of the earth to protect their own. The final thing I will mention is the SEALS ability to be wherever they are needed whenever they are needed. No matter the circumstance they are always willing to put their lives on the line for whomever is in need. Which is also like something I've always done. I may not meet the needs or standards of everyone but I will always go out of my way to help someone in need.Not only because I know it is the right thing to do but because I remember when I didn't have much and someone would go out of their way to help me. I will never forget those people which makes it necessary for me to do the same for others. All that being said I don't believe that I am perfect by a long shot, there are thousands, heck millions that have it ten times worse than me and have beat the odds. But one thing is for sure once given the chance I will do everything I'm my power to be the best I can be for myself and my country,

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Climate Change And Its Effect On Business - 2149 Words

Intro: This report will aim to define responsible business, in relation to the vast range of topics such as Corporate social Responsibility/Corporate Citizenship, sustainability, whilst comparing these through academia and their different meanings relating to Responsible Business. Furthermore, this report will also aim to critically analyse climate change and its effect in relation to making Business more responsible as well as the drawbacks/opportunities this holds for business. Finally, this report will exploit the relation between government and Business; identify possible barriers for businesses through government via academic views and evidential impacts on businesses and how government supports business to create a more sustainable world, through incentives such as the climate change Act 2008. According to Dahlsrud`s model which focuses on the five identified dimensions, which were concluded from the analysis of 37 defintions relating to CSR which are namely, environmental, social, economic, stakeholder and voluntariness. The PDF article titled, â€Å"How Corporate Social Responsibility is Defined: an Analysis of 37 Definitions†, Dahlsrud concluded that â€Å"the confusion is not so much about how CSR is defined, as about how CSR is socially constructed in a specific context.† (Dahlsrud, 2006) . Thus, Dahslrud suggests CSR is based on the five dimensions in his model which must be applied and carried out by companies for a business to act responsibly and ethically in a socialShow MoreRelatedGlobal Climate Changes And Its Effect On Our Business1786 Words   |  8 Pagesfrom the UK, and internationally such as China and Russia. Therefore, global climate changes give very significant impact on our business: possibly huge losses without proper future planning. Thus, building sustainability as a core part of our business practices is crucial to minimise risk of losses and keep our shareholders feel ecstatic. The world agree that the carbon taxes will be imposed in response to climate change. According to world bank (2013), carbon taxes is a form of tax that explicitlyRead MoreClimate Change And Global Warming928 Words   |  4 PagesThis paper will discuss climate change and global warming on the economy. The paper also gives a description on climate change and global warming. As well as what it hold for future business owners. It will also discuss what the government is doing about climate change/global warming. Climate change is a long-term shift in the statistics of the weather (including its averages). For example, it could show up as a change in climate normal (expected average values for temperature and precipitation)Read MoreClimate Change Is An Environmental And Business Issue1454 Words   |  6 PagesClimate change is an environmental and business issue that has gained more and more attention from society nowadays. The meaning of it seems to be not as easy as its name indicates which is merely a difference in climate. NASA (2011) reports, â€Å"Climate change, therefore, is a change in the typical or average weather of a region or city†¦ Climate change is also a change in Earth s overall climate. This could be a change in Earth s average temperature, for example.† Therefore, climate change in ourRead MoreCompanies And Climate Change Case Study944 Words   |  4 PagesCompanies Impact on Climate Change According to Mindy S. Lubber president of Ceres, â€Å"many U.S. companies today are still downplaying the possible risks of climate change and its far-reaching business impacts.† Still using fossil fuels and releasing carbon dioxide in large amounts will have large effects on the Earth, if companies aren’t careful. The idea of global warming has been around in the United States for many years. In fact, climate change has had effects on people and the environment forRead MoreRisky Business Essay906 Words   |  4 Pagesglaciers are melting to know that climate change is happening. The supporting evidence as well as it’s presentation is crucial to making a compelling argument. Specifically, the authors of â€Å"Risky Business† presented their findings in several different ways. Using detailed consequences and projections of the outcomes of global warming by region, the â€Å"â€Å"Risky Business†Ã¢â‚¬  report effectively compels a reader that unp recedented climate change is occurring. The â€Å"â€Å"Risky Business†Ã¢â‚¬  report caters towards more economicallyRead MoreThe Critical Implications Of Climate Change For Business1034 Words   |  5 PagesWhat are the critical implications of climate change for business? A business plays a heavy and critical role in the contribution to global climate change. Suzanne Goldberg (2013) reports that only 90 companies worldwide caused two-thirds of the man-made global warming emissions. Oil, coal and gas companies are the major players in the global climate change crisis of the 21st century (Goldberg 2013). Companies such as Chevron, Exxon and BP are three of the highest contributors of greenhouse gasRead MoreThe Reality Of Climate Change1579 Words   |  7 PagesChristian Mosier English-151 Dr. Archer 6 April 2017 The Reality of Climate Change Climate change is real; in fact, it s very real. Most people like to decipher the fact that global warming is nothing more than just a perpetuate myth, but if the recent weather especially in the state of New Jersey hasn t told you anything, the weather can be extremely bipolar at times. One day it s sixty degrees Fahrenheit, and the day after its thirty degrees with heavy snow crashing to theRead MoreClimate Change Is The Tip Of The Iceberg1497 Words   |  6 PagesClimate Change is the tip of the iceberg, and the effects stand to be catastrophic to all reliant on the earth’s atmosphere. Climate change, considered by sceptics to be nothing more than a series of natural phenomenon, refers to long-term alterations in the earth’s climate; warming average atmospheric temperatures through greenhouse gas emission. Climate change affects terrestrial and aquatic species through altered life cycle patterns, diminishing resources, crop damage through an increase in pestsRead MoreClimate Change Is Destroying The World Essay1058 Words   |  5 PagesClimate change has been the topic of debate on the international stage for decades now. Although, in the last 30 years climate change has become a very controversial topic in the world of politics and business. This topic has went from scientist observing small changes in the weather, to a multi-billion do llar campaigns ran by the world’s governments and private industries. The topic of climate change has influenced everything from business decisions to new laws being put into place. The debateRead MoreEconomic Impact Of The Climate Change On The Southeastern Region Of The U.s. And Texas1252 Words   |  6 Pages Economic Impacts of the Climate Change in the Southeastern Region of the U.S. and Texas Presented to Prof. Robin Kessler Prepared by Daniel Aru BA 3350 November 5, 2015 Table of Contents: Executive summary ------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 General trends ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Texas

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Essay On Fitness - 1165 Words

â€Å"State Champion Zimmerman Looking for More in 2017,† read the title of an article explaining my goals and ambitions heading into my Junior running season. Before last spring, Hazen High School Girls Track held two consecutive team championships, I was the defending 200-meter dash State Champion, and our relays had an impressive winning streak as well. I came into that track season with high goals, keeping them in mind every day during training. I prepared myself, both physically as well as mentally, for two days at the end of May: State Track. Before I knew it, that weekend came, and I was determined to cross the finish line before anyone else. I woke up Saturday morning excited, yet incredibly nervous. Prelims were the day before, and†¦show more content†¦I knew that I had a battle for the finish ahead of me, for I was going to have the defending champion on my right. Lined up behind our blocks, we kept moving and tried to calm our nerves as the announcer spoke. â€Å"In lane four with the fastest time coming into finals, from Hazen, Grace Zimmerman.† Without time to think, the gun went off and we ran the first curve with sheer determination. Once we reached the 200-meter mark, my legs already burned, my mouth was beyond dry, but I was slightly ahead. When we rounded the final corner, the crowd roared with yells when they saw my competition and I were neck and neck. We put our heads down and barreled into the strong winds even though we could no longer feel our legs nor see straight ahead. With five meters remaining, we both started to lean for the finish line with hopes of being a champion. We crossed the finish, collapsed out of exhaustion, and looked up at the board to see who won. She cried of joy, I put my head down in disappointment. Nine hundredths of a second separated first and second place. Both of us ran the race of our lives, the fastest as well as the most fun and competitive. I had to be proud of myself for the fact that I gave my all. Plus, I knew the day still had much more in store. Once my legs were recovered and I got some food and water in me, I began preparing for my upcoming event, which was my favorite one of all: the 200-meter dash. Once again, I foundShow MoreRelatedFitness And Fitness Essay1795 Words   |  8 PagesThe social world I have chosen to put under scrutiny and further analyze through sociological views is the world of fitness centres and gyms. Gyms have many different stigmas surrounding them along with the people that attend them but ultimately, everyone who is a member or decides to go has one goal in mind; these members wish to be a better version of themselves than they were before. Every gym forms its own kind of little community because those who attend create certain groups. The citizens orRead MoreFitness Essay903 Words   |  4 PagesDan’s fitness level is pretty high for his age. Dan takes his 2 dogs for short walks and rides his bike during the summer. Dan likes to water ski which is convenient since he lives on a lake. Dan likes to hunt in the fall and does a lot of walking when he hunts. Dan does not weight lift. He does some manual labor on his timber land including clearing trees and spraying weeds. Dan purchased a kayak this summer and has had it out on the lake a few times. Dan tries to take the dogs on a shortRead MoreFitness Center Essay716 Words   |  3 Pages As an added convenience, every condominium is equipped with its own washer and dryer unit. Community amenities are well-maintained by the professional management staff. Residents can unwind after a long day within the fully equipped fitness center. This fitness center includes strength training and cardio equipment. After a long workout, enjoy a game of bocce. The new courtyard was re-designed to include a turf strip for putting and bocce. Boasting of a pet-friendly policy, this complex does haveRead MoreEssay on A Philosophy on Fitness1469 Words   |  6 PagesA Philosophy on Fitness Webster’s Dictionary defines physical as â€Å"concerned or preoccupied with the body and its’ needs† and defines activity as â€Å"the state or quality of producing or involving movement.† I agree with Mr. Webster’s definitions. I see physical activity as doing some kind of movement in order to assist in improving or maintaining a body’s level of health. By maintaining or improving that level of health, physical activity also plays a big role in a person’s â€Å"quality of life†Read MoreNutrition and Fitness Essay911 Words   |  4 PagesNutrition and fitness play two of the most important roles in human health, and it is not difficult to understand some of the consequences for ignoring their significance. Ignoring proper nutritional and fitness habits can lead to extreme health risks such as obesity; most of which will eventually cause serious health issues up to and including death. To decrease these serious health risk s and promote favorable personal health, one should incorporate positive nutritional and fitness habits. TheRead MoreSnap Fitness Essay1592 Words   |  7 PagesSnap Fitness ACC/566 July 16, 2012 David Kochevar Snap Fitness Executive Summary Owning a business is a dream for many people and one way to obtain that dream is to take advantage of a franchise opportunity. Work-out centers are a rapidly growing business. â€Å"Economically, the health club industry has proven to be recession-proof, averaging an 8% annual growth rate since the early 1990’s across all health clubs and gyms†(Snap Fitness, 2012). The following paper will reflectRead MoreWomens Fitness Magazines Essay5258 Words   |  22 PagesFitness Magazines Women’s fitness magazines are supposed to inform females how to get fit and be healthy; however, they continuously send messages to women that they have to fit certain standards of flawless skin, sex appeal, and dangerously low amounts of body fat. Women in their twenties and thirties are feeling the pressure from society to conform to body images seen in magazines, such as Heidi Klum who is 5’9.5’’and 119lb, Carmen Kass who is 5’10.5’’ and 114lb, and Elsa Benitez who is 6’Read MoreEssay Overall Fitness2231 Words   |  9 Pages or lower leg and the area connecting to my ankle is where the growth plate fracture took place. The growth plate is not yet hardened so its vulnerability comes from its soft state making it the weakest area on a growing skeleton. (American Fitness July/August 2010) What I would want out of an effective exercise leader is an enthusiastic and sincere reason why they have chosen my program to work with and how they can help me in achieving it. A developing relationship that helps me feel asRead MoreEssay on The Physiology of Fitness3124 Words   |  13 PagesBTEC Level 3 Unit 2: The Physiology of Fitness Describe the musculoskeletal and energy systems response to acute exercise. What is an acute response? An acute response is an immediate response to exercise. Acute exercise will last throughout the full length of your training session. During the training session our bodies begin to respond to the exercises we are doing and begin to feel the changes within our bodies and mind due to physical strain and stress of the physical activity in lotsRead MoreEssay on Childhood Fitness1918 Words   |  8 Pages Childhood Fitness nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Physical activity and fitness is a very important aspect of life. In most cases, people are happier, have better self – esteems, and are more successful when they are healthy. By virtue of that scenario, there is no better time to develop a healthy life style than childhood. It is easy for parents to get their children on the right track by introducing them to sports at a young age. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;In today’s society, too many children